Food for thought

Two O’ clock in the morning. It’s a little past my bedtime for a quick fix manicure, but apparently not too late to…. Well start a blog. Nothing gets those creative juices flowing like drowsy eyed, web-induced insomnia. Anyway, this has been long coming, so when a reply to a blog post conveniently (for me that is) stipulated singing in or signing up I just went for it.

Now down to the business of getting introductions and stuff out of the way so we can embark on an exciting culinary expedition… eh, eventually. Definitely. We’ll find out how often I alternate between the two.

From the title, it’s anyone’s guess that cuisine is king here. Like most foodies, I am always obsessing about food, even when I’m done with the day’s  cooking and long done eating,  I am thinking about what to cook next. Seriously,  it’s like my brain’s wired to a default status of ravenous. Bet you are feeling envious already, thinking of the mouth-watering extravagances all that food fixation must result in. I mean, what woman would have the drive, day after day to vend out exquisitely executed meals amidst the humdrum of cooking, cleaning and day dreaming. Those that turn thought into sumptuous treats, of course, which for me is seldom the case. But, the goodies that make it here are only those that have seen the light of day in my kitchen.

As for the title, I feel almost duty bound to explain the term ‘fryer’ and free it from the usual misconception and malignance associated with it. But I am not. Maybe I will later, or I will let you have the joy of discovering it yourselves. Now, though, I am going straight to bed.