Herb-rubbed Chicken drumsticks


Cooking has been a bit of a lack lustre affair these past couple of weeks, thanks to a troublesome tooth that’s been killing my buzz in the kitchen. Though these pictures of succulently burnished chicken drummies might testify to the contrary (I know; I can’t believe it either). Unless, of course, I’m getting ahead of myself and assuming that they draw you in like they did me. Either way what you see here is the result of greed trumping achy tooth and the need to put something – anything – exciting on my plate even if wasn’t going to be a picnic for that messed up molar.

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Lemon Garlic Rosemary Roast Chicken

Writing a blog post about roast chicken is definitely not something you do amidst the hungry rumblings of an empty stomach. But I am going to try (key word, try) simply because, for me, responding to a blog idea is a mental reflex that I’m sure the hubs hopes (against hope) would work as efficiently with cooking meals for the family on time. But hey, bottom line, I get them fed!

Drat! I may be able to stave off persistent hunger pangs and dodge punctuality when it came to timely cooking, but there’s no escaping the incessant chatter of my neighbour who suddenly decides to stop by. I’d like to cut her short and make a hasty exit on some cockamamie excuse; instead I find myself curiously compelled to listen to her prattle on. Well, guess we’ll have to pick this up later.

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