Devilishly irresistible!


It’s been more than a month since I sat down to planning this blog post with grand plans of the perfect introduction to the perfect chocolate cake and how it featured as a showstopper dessert three times in a row! But (and fingers crossed, this doesn’t become a redundant refrain to my blog beginnings) enthusiasm and creative writing were out matched by daily kitchen duties, a live-wired pre-schooler, ad hoc manicures (yes my nails are always incongruously meticulous in an otherwise uncoordinated exterior) and, the devil of all procrastination, sheer laziness.

 Then, one look at this picture triggered the memory of how every mouthful was so intensely `chocofied’ that they clean wiped away all dietary boundaries.

I just realized that no linguistic artistry can do said cake full justice. It speaks for itself, plain and simple. Sure, that sounds like a bold claim, but when you meet a chocolate cake that is moist with a sort of yielding denseness about it blanketed in molten ganache, you’ll know chocolate heaven in every bite. Okay, I’m going to have to reach into a bit of culinary eloquence here – such a chocolate cake is satiatingly irresistible.

However, as much as I’d love to, I cannot take full credit for this one as it is an amalgamation of bits and pieces from recipes that all raved to be the best, most perfect chocolate cake. Now of these I have no dearth. That’s because every time there’s a chocolate dream on the horizon, I sort of psyche myself into chocolate mode beginning with a web quest for the perfect chocolate whatever that holds me captive. In this case it was of course chocolate cake, since it was for two birthdays and on the in-laws’ side no less, so you understand my obsessive need to score an all-star cast for this recipe.

Now I do have two perfect recipes for celebration chocolate cakes that meet my expectations. Both run neck to neck in competition for most delectable dessert. The key word here is two. Naturally, who wants to stop there? Give me even a modicum of material wealth and I will be content, but recipes and chocolate I can never have enough of, oh and nail polish too (the bane of the Mr’s wallet. But that merits its own post).


So anyway, this time I fixated on Devil’s food cake. You know that cake that is so insanely chocolaty, deceptively delicate but knocks you over with its richly smooth decadence? That’s the one I was after. But after trolling through my scarcely referenced recipe library I found that I had one lone recipe for devil’s food cake! Amidst a steady stream of infuriated inner ranting I launched into an aggressive web quest and didn’t stop till I’d amassed enough recipes to form a small booklet of Devil’s food cake creations.

I was torn between two – one that had boiling water added to the batter and one that had buttermilk. But I prefer sour cream for that touch of tang and lush silkiness in the final product. So in blatant violation of most baking rules, I fused the two together. Hey, I’m only trying to get the cake to live up to its devilishly good reputation. And judging by the repeated helpings that were being carved out of this centerpiece and the in-laws’ vain attempts at curbing their enthusiasm for it, I’m guessing it did!


3 thoughts on “Devilishly irresistible!

    1. Sharrazzmataazz!!! The first comment on my blog and it comes from my fav girl on You Tube.. I wonder if you remember me, ‘gonecookin’ on youtube…, I really love you for taking the time to comment, this is something that’s really close to my heart!! Thanks love!!! What a way to start the New Year! A wonderful 2013 to you as well!

  1. Cake looks yummy and Sour cream and chocolate…now that is some idea. Am going to try Strawberries dipped in Chocolate and Sour Cream. Lets see if that works with the kids.

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